Jude English

In May’s local election, some of us were asking why there was a notable absence on the ballot papers for residents in Bristol’s Ashley Ward.

Green Party councillor, Jude English, has represented her constituents for the last eight years, yet she was denied the possibility to return for a third term. The reason – on the 13th March 2024 the Green Party Regional Council agreed to an “application from Bristol Green Party to impose a no-fault suspension”.

We investigated….

A no-fault suspension ( NFS ) means that no fault is assumed or inferred and importantly, until your case is investigated, you cannot represent the party or have contact with other Green Party members.

Is it a coincidence that the NFS was imposed five days before the short campaign for local elections was due to start on 18th March 2024? Is it a coincidence that here we are on 2nd May 2024, polling day, and there has been no hearing or investigation to address the NFS? Has it been weaponised to prevent Jude from standing in this year’s elections? What is the threat?

We investigated…..

Apparently, Bristol has a tight Labour/Green “fight for control“ of the council, meaning that administration could come down to a difference of one councillor. There was a concern that Jude’s actions risk costing votes in wards such as her own, that have tight Labour/Green splits.

We investigated…..

On 6th May 2021, the last council election results show that Jude was very much part of a Green Party victory. Indeed the gap was sufficient that you could say she was clearly part of a green mandate for Ashley Ward, so why the move to silence a popular hardworking councillor in 2024?

We investigated….

To understand the next bit, you have to understand how the Green Party, like many political parties and organisations, paid a charity called Stonewall to advise them on gender identity ideology, and how the party has gradually become captured by believers holding office and influence in high places. Once upon a time the party was focused on fighting climate change; now it seems the primary cause for the party is trans/queer liberation and fighting transphobia, where the word women has been replaced by people at best or non-men at worst, sex has become replaced by gender and the word lesbian can no longer be used by “cis women attracted to other cis women”, it must be broadened out to include trans women and a failure to do so would be transphobic and a failure to recognise that trans women are women.

Jude recently chaired a webinar on behalf of the Green Women’s Declaration, in which barrister Sarah Phillimore discussed the discrimination shown to women who express gender critical views including Rachel Meade and Jo Phoenix. Those seeking to suspend Jude have described the Green Women’s Declaration as the “facially transphobic GWD organisation” and Jude’s involvement in chairing the webinar has been seen as “encouraging” other gender critical members to be more vocal. Furthermore those seeking her suspension want to “demonstrate to those members that the Party is taking its procedures seriously and is ready and willing to address transphobia”.

Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter.

Being gender critical and standing up for women’s rights is not transphobic. Standing up for lesbian rights and against lesbian erasure is not transphobic. This attack on Jude is because she is a lesbian and we will not let that stand.

We will not let the Green Party make spurious complaints that result in strong outspoken women being silenced and their political careers derailed. We need more leaders like Jude not less.

To date we believe that there are 16 Green Party members who are subject to no-fault suspensions for expressing gender critical views.


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