Magdalen Berns

If you are confused by the “gender identifarians” destroying the English language in a manner akin to Orwell’s 1984, “so it has no meaning anymore” and you are lost for words when you want to stand up for your rights and express yourself as a lesbian, then Magdalen Berns is your woman. Her famous words, “Arielle … mate … lesbians don’t have penises”, puts an end to all the gaslighting by the gender identity ideologists.

Born in London but also spending the latter part of her life in Edinburgh, Magdalen Berns packed a punch in more ways than one. As a pioneer of female boxing, she won the Haringey Box Cup in 2010 and became a member of Scotland’s first female Boxing Squad in 2011 when she won the British Universities Boxing Championship. Whilst studying she became interested in coding participating in Google summer of code from 2013 to 2015 before graduating with a degree in physics.

Whilst at university she was called a TERF and this inspired her to learn more about feminism, a journey that eventually led her to be the founder of “For Women in Scotland”. She’s best known for her feminism, being a courageous and inspirational activist for lesbian rights and waking up a generation to the inherent misogyny, homophobia and erasure of women and gay rights espoused by trans activism. She gained fame and attention when JK Rowling started following her twitter account but it’s probably her series of YouTube Vlogs that have had the greatest, enduring and international impact.

“Magdalen’s direct, deadpan delivery, coupled with her sharp wit and the incisive intelligence with which she skewered the absurdities of gender ideology,” (Chynworth) has helped many a lesbian find herself once more.

Like a focused boxer in the ring, she takes down one You Tuber after another, making it easier for young lesbians to know who they are. In her first vlog from April 2016, “There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis!” We have Arielle Scarcella, who posed the question “would you have sex with a lesbian with a penis?” Magdalen says quite dryly and frankly disguising her knockout punch, “ Arielle … mate … lesbians don’t have penises”

Back to Arielle who beats the count, “you identify as a lesbian but were assigned the male gender at birth … correct ? Magdalen’s response, “If you’re born with a penis and balls you’re male! You don’t get assigned reproductive organs. Males are defined by their biological sex organs.” Magdalen continues with a flurry of punches, “There’s all this bullshit, peer pressure over transphobia, I’m out, we’re out, what if you’re not out yet and are unsure of yourself, insecure and everyone is conflating sex and gender and nobody knows what a homosexual is – it’s like throwing young lesbians under the bus.” Those at the ringside are on their feet as she delivers her final knockout blow.

Magdalen Berns produced 64 videos which are all curated on her YouTube site @MagdalenBerns ensuring that lesbians are confident, that our culture is promoted as rooted in sex based realism, same sex attraction and importantly that we have a sexual orientation (not a preference), protected under the Equality Act.

In 2017 she informed her You Tube viewers that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour that later developed into an incurable Glioblastoma. She died in Edinburgh, surrounded by her friends and family on 13th September 2019.

Activist, animal rights campaigner, music engineer, boxer, computer coder, physics graduate and You Tuber, Magdalen Berns lived a full life. Gone too soon but she lives on and the video legacy ensures her clarity, humour and razor-sharp arguments defending sex-based rights continue to slice through the sophistry and manipulation employed by the transgender movement and makes her a truly visible lesbian.

Resources and further reading:

Video Library

First Vlog : There’s no such thing as a lesbian with a penis. 10th April 2016

Second Vlog : Lesbians Owning Lesbian 16th April 2016

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Other references

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