About Us

Who are we?

We are women who are attracted to other women.

We are lesbians.

We are bisexual women.

What unites us:

  • Our care for the environment, for our planet and for all its inhabitants;
  • Our commitment to social justice;
  • Our determination to maintain the historic understanding of what it means to be a lesbian.

As Lesbians we are committed to supporting all women who fall under the Lesbian umbrella, that is all women who are same-sex attracted.

As Greens we are committed to maintaining the crucial balance in the interrelated ecosystems that make up our planet. We recognise the need to preserve and care for each element of those ecosystems if we are to maintain the health and sustainability of our planet. This understanding of our planet honours the existence of each individual member.

We, women who love women, have our own place in this holistic view of our planet. So we will celebrate our sexuality, our love, honour our bodies as a perfect expression of who we are and our place in the natural world.

This website celebrates lesbians, lesbians from every part of our planet, lesbians who are lucky enough to be able to live openly, lesbians who live in fear for their lives. It celebrates lesbians from the past who have made a difference, lesbians alive now who are active in fighting for change and lesbians who create change simply by how they live. It celebrates young lesbians, older lesbians, all lesbians everywhere.

We hope you enjoy this website, find it inspiring. This is a space for all lesbians who are concerned about the attempted inclusion of men in the definition of ‘lesbian’, the loss of our spaces, the rewriting of our story, who also care about our planet. We would welcome your comments and contributions.

One thought on “About Us”
  1. Jude’s suspension probably cost Bristol Greens an overall majority. I was planning to devote the last couple of weeks to the campaign in Avonmouth & Lawrence Weston, but only got over my anger at Jude’s suspension in the final few days. I like to think that a week of my work is worth the fifty votes we lost by, and so we fell one seat short.

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